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Retail Zones and Statistics

Parcel boundaries represent properties on which retail shops were found during the City of Greater Geelong's most recent retail district inspections, 2011. >*Although all due care has been taken to ensure that these data are correct, no warranty is expressed or implied by the City of Greater Geelong in their use.* **Explanation of Attributes** - UID_1: Unique ID - CENTRENAME: Centre or Shop Name - Address: Location or Address - Suburb: Suburb - MelwaysPag: Melways Page Number - MelwaysRef: Melways Reference - CentreType: Centre Type - LastAudite: Date of Last Inspection - PavDesignT: Pavement Surface Material - Vacancies: Number of Vacancies - NumbComml: Number of Commercial Properties - NumbRetail: Number of Retail Properties - Benches: Number of Benches - RubbishBin: Number of Rubbish Bins - StreetTree: Number of Street Trees - Plantings: Number of Plantings - BikeRacks: Number of Bicycle Parking Racks - PhoneBox: Number of Phone Boxes - LetterBox: Number of Letter Boxes - OnStreetPa: Number of On-Street Parking Spaces and/or Type - OffStreetP: Number of Off-Street Parking Spaces and/or Type - NoticeBoar: Number of Notice Boards - PublicTran: Number of Public Transportation Shelters - PublicToil: Number of Public Toilets - CapitalExp: Capital Expenditures - CharityBin: Number of Charity Bins - CentreSign: Presence or Type of Signage - BuildingHe: Building Height

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